Tree Removal Services, Melbourne

Stark Tree Services offers a comprehensive range of services related to tree removal for residential and commercial properties.  The removal of any tree can be a challenging and sometimes even dangerous process, and getting an experienced expert in to ensure the job is done properly is critical.

We specialise in tree removal across the Melbourne region, and have been in the industry for over a decade.  Our professionally qualified Arborists can help you with your tree removal project, no matter whether it’s big or small, and we also specialise in emergency Arborist services.

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Trusted and safe tree removal services

Safety is our number one priority when dealing with the removal of trees for our customers.  This is reflected in every part of the process – from assessing the damage, diseased or dead tree, to working out the quickest, safest and most cost effective method for removal, to the clean up of the site at the end of the job.

Our team of highly qualified Arborists are trained in using the right equipment to get the right outcome, and will never compromise the safety of the surrounding buildings or structures, other foliage or anyone on the site.   Stark Tree Services has an outstanding safety record, and our wide range of customers can attest to our high standards and quality of on site workmanship.

When should a tree be removed?

Trees can be a fantastic feature in a garden or as part of landscaping, however there are a number of reasons why they may need to be removed after a period of time.  Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why our customers decide to have a tree taken down.

Storm damage

We all know the damage that a storm in Victoria can cause.  Wild weather with high winds, lightning strikes and torrential rain is becoming the norm, and unfortunately it can take its toll on even the sturdiest tree.  Storms can damage trees in a number of ways, but if your tree has become compromised and is threatening a nearby structure or you are concerned it might become a hazard (for example, if it’s overhanging parked cars) then it’s time to consider getting it removed.  Just a word of warning:  storm damaged trees can be unpredictable, and the experts suggest that you get a professional to assess the tree and take care of it, rather than doing it yourself.

Age and disease

While some trees can live for 100 or more years, they can start to show their age.  Sometimes older trees can develop problems such as an overgrown root system that is compromising a property’s pipes or drainage system.  Well established tree roots can also cause havoc with landscaping features such as pavers or fences, and they can even cause problems with a building’s walls and foundations.  Over time trees can also develop issues such as fungus and rot, leading to a weakened structure and making them more susceptible to storm damage.


Trees are known to be one of the favourite homes of termites, and an unfortunate tree could be riddled with a colony of these destructive wood chewing insects without anyone really knowing.  There are telltale signs such as callus tissue of the tree trunk which is an indication of a nest inside.  Even a small colony of termites can destroy a healthy tree in just a matter of months.

Causing an obstruction

Generally, people who want to remove a tree because it is getting in the way in some way – perhaps it is blocking a view, you have plans to redesign your landscaping, or plan to build other structures on the property – need to get local council approval before they can proceed.  This is particularly true in the case of tree that is otherwise healthy.

Factors involved in removing a tree

There are many factors involved to ensure it is safe and that the method matches the type of tree and where it is located.

One of the most important factors when professionals assess a tree for removal is the site and the levels of access they will have.  Most tree removals will involve machinery and equipment that will need to be brought as close to the tree as possible, so its location will be all important.  Some Arborists, such as those at Stark Tree Services, specialise in narrow access and difficult sites found in built up areas.

The size of the tree will also factor heavily into a professional’s assessment of the job.  Larger trees will require a careful calculation in terms of branch removal and weight distribution to make sure the tree does not suddenly topple or fall the wrong way when the final cut is made.  Most arborist employ equipment such as ropes to ensure that the removal of the tree is as safe as possible.

Don’t leave your tree removal in the hands of a less experienced Arborist.   Talk to Stark Tree Services today for a no obligation quote on your job.

Why choose stark tree services?

For over 12 years our customers in Melbourne have chosen us for all of their tree removal and Arborist services because:

  • We are friendly, prompt and efficient
  • We can provide a no obligation quote for the job
  • We are fully insured and have highly trained and qualified staff
  • We service both residential and commercial properties – no job is too big or small
  • We conduct a thorough site cleanup after the job is complete
  • We offer a wide range of other services such as power line clearance, general property maintenance and clearing, tree pruning and mulching, tree stump removal and grinding.

If you’re looking for a professional tree removal company in Melbourne, with an excellent safety track record and a team of exceptional specialists dedicated to delivering the best results possible, contact Stark Tree Services today.