Tree Mulching Services, Melbourne

It’s unusual to see back gardens or commercial outdoor areas that aren’t covered in mulch in Australia, and this is for a good reason.  Mulch is nature’s protective covering for plants and trees, helping to improve nutrient-deficient soil and keep in any moisture in the ground and save it from evaporating in our country’s harsh climate.

Stark Tree Services provides high quality tree mulching at a great price, and can provide one-off or regular mulching services for all your landscaping needs.  Call us today to ask us more about mulching and using mulch on your property!

Environmentally friendly and cost effective tree mulching

Having the clippings and branches from trees, plants and shrubs mulched is a fantastic way to ‘recycle’ the vegetation on your property – imagine having your trees lopped or cleared, and then having no waste out of the process at all!  This sustainable practice has become more popular recently, with more and more property owners choosing to mulch and use their untreated timber waste rather than have it disposed of at the local tip.

Stark Tree Services offers tree mulching as an add on to our popular tree removal, pruning and land clearing services.  We can also deliver high quality mulch in bulk for gardens, community spaces and for landscaping around commercial premises.  We offer competitive rates, and can get it there as quickly as you need it.

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Reasons to mulch your property

There are many different types of mulch you can get – from pebbles and gravel to lucerne, pea straw, sugar cane and bark and wood chips – however most of it acts in a similar way to protect the ground it covers and prevent weeds from growing.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why mulching has become so popular today with gardeners and landscape designers.

Preventing growth of weeds

Weeds are the bane of gardeners everywhere.  They can be unsightly, steal precious water, sunlight and nutrients from surrounding plants, and they can be almost impossible to eradicate by hand.  Using a professional strength weed killer is one way to ensure the removal of weeds, however a more environmentally-friendly and longer lasting solution is to use mulch.


One of the uses of mulch is to hide uneven or even unsightly areas, providing a nice, uniform covering.  It can also be used for design purposes, linking some parts of the landscape together and separating others, and for bringing out the natural beauty of plants as a contrast.

Moisture retention and reducing water usage

We’re all looking for ways to cut down our water bills, particularly if you own a large property.  Mulching around plants and trees can help reduce the amount of water you need to use on your property because it insulates and protects against evaporation, as well as keeping the underlying ground at a more even temperature.  This means that the vegetation is more likely to grow evenly.

Enriching the soil

One of the best features of mulch is that it breaks down naturally, adding decaying matter into the soil and enriching it with much needed minerals.  It has also been shown that mulch can encourage the presence of earthworms, which act on the soil positively by softening and aerating it.  Many studies have found that earthworm populations will fall when there is widespread use of chemical fertilisers and weed killers, so mulch is a fantastic way to not only encourage these amazing creatures to work for you, but an environmentally friendly choice as well.

Tips for effective tree mulching

When you’re thinking of having mulch brought in, there are some factors you’ll need to think about, including preparation of the site and the type of mulch you might need.

Having a company such as Stark Tree Services provide a bulk order of mulch will mean that you’ll need to think about how much you’ll need, as well as the type of mulch.  You’ll also need to think about how best to prepare the areas on your property before the delivery.  This might include the removal of weeds, and laying down special weed barriers or mats that prevent their growth but also let nutrients from the mulch seep through into the soil below.

Not all mulches are equal, and you should choose a type that does what you need it to do.  Bark and wood chips are a great all round choice for their versatility, their good looks and their superior protection against moisture loss.  Wood chips can also act to keep soil in place in the event of torrential rain and natural erosion.

Finally, to keep the mulch in place, consider placing edging or walls to enclose the area.  This will prevent any accidental loss of the wood chips, and will help to keep your landscaping looking neat and tidy.

Tree mulching is easy with Stark Tree Services

Stark Tree Services is the number one choice in Melbourne for tree mulching and bulk mulch deliveries.  We are cost-effective and efficient, and offer our services at competitive prices.

Our professional staff are highly trained in all aspects of tree removal, trimming and pruning, as well as mulching the branches, leaves and even the trunks to give you a mess-free and sustainable source of mulch for your property.  We provide our services to both residential and commercial properties, and offer a range of services including –

  • Land clearance
  • Power line clearance work
  • Property maintenance
  • Tree lopping and removal
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Tree stump removal

We are completely insured and are dedicated to the highest standards of safety in everything we do – we are proud of our safety record over the past 12 years.   Our friendly operators can provide you with a no obligation quote, and explain our services in easy to understand language so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

So if you need tree mulching services in Melbourne, or looking for someone to provide mulch for your landscaping project or general gardening purposes, contact Stark Tree Services today.