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Have you recently had to have a tree removed or just moved into a property where there are one or more tree stumps in the garden?  Perhaps you’ve had a tree stump sitting in your backyard for years and just haven’t gotten around to dealing with it.   Many people believe that tree stumps are dead and therefore harmless in the environment, however this is not always the case.  They can harbor fungal diseases and provide a comfortable home for a number of destructive pests, as well as attracting insects such as termites near to your property.

Stark Tree Services has more than a decade of experience working in Melbourne as a tree stump removal specialist.  We have a team of highly trained tree removal experts who have the local knowledge and the right equipment to get the job done.

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Melbourne’s leading tree stump removalists

Tree stump removal can be a complex and difficult process, and shouldn’t be attempted by those with less experience and know-how than the professionals.  Depending on the diameter of the stump and the complexity of the root system attached to it, each stump will require a different approach for removal.

Stark Tree Services offers a comprehensive and cost effective removal service across Melbourne.  We can provide you with a no obligation quote for our work, along with a description of our likely course of action based on your specific requirements.  Our friendly staff will explain everything in layman’s terms so you’re never left in the dark.

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Common problems with tree stumps

You might have to make a decision at some stage whether to keep your tree stump or have it removed.  It’s important to be aware of the risks associated with keeping a tree stump for any period of time, especially one that’s close to buildings.  Let’s look at some of the common issues that people can have with their stumps.


You may have heard of a diseased tree, but it’s also possible to have tree stumps that become infected with disease, and particularly fungus.  Stumps are particularly prone to getting fungal diseases, especially if they are old. You might even see evidence of it on the stump, in the form of mushroom shaped fungi around the base of the stump or growing on it.  Nematodes and bacteria can also make their home in a rotting tree stump, and this can affect the soil and any plants or grass growing around the stump.


Suckering is simply the growth of a new shoot or stem from a plant, and tree stumps are known to form suckers in some circumstances.  Ridding your garden of these can be a nuisance.


Tree stumps and their root systems are an ideal habitat for termites and white ants.  These highly destructive pests are difficult to eradicate and once settled, can destroy any timber structures (including roof joists and trusses, floorboards and supports) within just a few months.  Having a tree stump that is infested with termites near to a building is a sure sign that your property may be riddled with termites.


If you’ve ever tried to mow grass with a tree stump you’ll know that even small small ones can be a nuisance to try and navigate around.  Larger ones can cause issues with access to certain areas of the property or block, and can ruin any landscaping or design plans you might have, especially if you’re planning a major re-design or want to change how you use an area.


Let’s face it, tree stumps are unsightly. Removing unwanted tree stumps from your property can dramatically improve visual appeal.

Choosing the right tree stump removalist

There are many tree stump removal specialists out there – how do you choose the right one for you?

Tree experts often say that cutting down the tree is the easy bit; getting the trees stump out of the ground is the difficult part.  Generally, trees that need to be removed have been growing for some period of time, which means they will leave a large stump and intricate and extensive root system.  These can pose many challenges, and it’s usually recommended that you have an experienced professional take care of it (usually someone with over ten years’ experience).

Companies that are new or who have new removalists working for them may struggle, especially if there are issues such as a lack of room for removal or a particularly difficult stump that refuses to budge.  Also keep in mind that having an experience company working for you will also usually mean that they are used to using a number of ways to remove stumps – mechanically and chemically or a combination of both.

Your budget will always factor into finding a tree stump removalist, but you should also consider the way a company quotes for the work and what the price includes.  For example, do they provide a flat fixed price, is the price dependant on the size/diameter of the stump and the soil condition and does their price include cleaning up at the end of the removal and disposal of rubbish?  You should also make sure when choosing a stump removalist that they can give you a no obligation quote for your job.

When you’re looking at tree stump removal companies, make sure you have a list of these type of questions for them.  The friendly operators at Stark Tree Services are happy to give you any information you might need to make the right decision, so call us today!

Experience and professionalism with Stark Tree Services

We are proud to have operated in Melbourne for 12 years, and during that time have helped our customers get the right tree stump removal solution for their needs.

We can provide a no-obligation quote that will give a price based on the diameter of the tree stump in question. To make it as easy as possible for you, we can also give you an overall price for the removal of two or more stumps.  We also provide a “one stop shop” if you require other services such as pruning and tree lopping, clearance of power lines and the general management of vegetation and foliage around your property.

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