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It’s easy to forget that having a tree removed is not the end of the process, and you will be left with a tree stump to deal with.  Depending on the size of the tree, the stump can be sizeable and it can cause a number of issues on your property such as an obstruction to landscaping plans and being susceptible to rot, fungus and nasty pests.

Stark Tree Services have provided professional stump grinding services to homes and business across Melbourne for over a decade.  They have the technical expertise and the years of experience to give you high quality, cost-effective work every time.

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Melbourne’s number one choice for stump grinding services

If you’ve ever tried to remove a tree stump yourself (even a small one), you’ll know that it takes the right equipment, a good understanding of the parts of the tree buried underground, and a great deal of patience.   They are generally not a job for a Sunday afternoon with a spade and a mattock.

The quickest method for removing a tree stump is grinding its core right down to the larger roots that extend into the surrounding soil.  This can be done with specialist equipment that will ‘chew’ through the wood, reducing even large stumps to just bark chips and sawdust.  This leftover debris can then be removed or can be used as mulch for around your property after the job is complete.

It is important to find experienced operators because it can be a challenging process to get right, especially if the tree is old and has a complex root system.  It is also critical to find a company that has the right equipment to be able to finish the job properly within a reasonable timeframe.

Stark Tree Services has been Melbourne’s first choice for tree stump removal services for 12 years.  Contact them today and let them help you with all your tree stump requirements.

3 reasons why you should consider tree stump grinding

Many people choose to leave tree stumps in the ground after they have had a tree removed – they may even make features out of them.  However, it is generally the case that tree stumps can rot over time, creating a haven for diseases and some wood boring and eating pests.  Let’s look at the three top reasons why you should have a tree stump removed.

wood decay fungi

As the name suggests, wood decay fungi is a fungus that flourishes in rotting wood, especially in moist conditions.  There are many different types of this fungi, however all can be found in tree stumps, and their spores can be carried great distances.  This means that any timber (including building structures and other trees) in the vicinity of an affected tree stump may also become infected with the fungus.  A tree stump can be treated against the growth of fungi, but it is very difficult to protect wood against fungus for any length of time.


If you’ve ever sat on a tree stump or picked a piece of rotting wood up, you might have noticed that it was teeming with insects.  Nasty pests such as wood borer beetles and termites will target exposed wood and make their homes happily in tree stumps.  Unfortunately, this means that they will be active in and around your property, and in your home or commercial premises.   Having tree stumps completely removed through grinding will help to reduce the habitats that these pests prefer to live in, and therefore reduce your exposure to them.


It’s challenging to plan a new garden or communal area when there’s a tree stump getting in the way.  They can also be dangerous as trip hazards, especially if located in an area of high traffic.  Having a tree stump removed entirely leads the way for the area to be flattened and to be incorporated into any designs for the future.

Questions you should ask your Arborist

If you are thinking about getting a tree stump ground down, what are the important things you need to look for in a professional Arborist, and what questions should you be asking?

The first question will generally be about the estimated cost for your job, and the factors that affect the price.  It’s likely they will ask for details such as the size and age of the tree stump to be grinded and whether it is easy to access.  Some sites can be difficult to get into and the price will be affected by this.  The price may also change depending on whether you need a complete clean up of the site, so make sure you find out whether the quote includes the clean up and disposal of any debris.

You should also find out about the length of time it will take to finish grinding the tree stump, and for the site to be cleaned up.  Like the quote, this will obviously be dependent on the size of the stump, how deep the grinder will need to go and whether it will present any challenges such as a complex or tricky root system.

Digging into the soil can always present issues such as whether you might be disturbing utilities such as sewerage pipes or electrical cables.  You should find out from the tree removalists you choose whether they will be responsible for locating services on your property.

Safe, effective and efficient stump grinding

Having a tree removed can be a big job, however it’s not really complete until the stump is removed entirely or ground flat.  Finding a tree removalist expert such as Stark Tree Services can make all the difference because we can do it all:  we offer a complete “one stop shop”, from tree and stump removal, to residential and commercial property maintenance, tree mulching, power line clearance and an emergency tree service.

Our friendly and polite Arborists have an outstanding track record in terms of high quality work, customer service and safety.  So give us a call – we’d love to talk to you.