Tree Removal Sassafras

If you’re looking for general and specialist arborist services in Sassafras, then choose Stark Tree Services.

As one of the most experienced tree removalists in the local area, we have a reputation for quality workmanship, dedicated customer care and fast, efficient service.  We can work with residential and commercial property owners, and no job is too big or small for our qualified staff.  We’re fully licensed and insured, and all of our arborists undergo ongoing training to ensure they keep up with industry standards and best practice.

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Professional Tree Removal Services in Sassafras

Having a tree removed can be a big undertaking, especially if it is old, has become diseased or is threatening buildings or other vegetation in the area.  In these cases you need the assistance of a professional with the right equipment to be able to take care of it safely and effectively.  Affordable and efficient tree removals are at the core of our business, however we also offer a range of other services, including:

  • Tree and shrub pruning and branch lopping
  • Land clearing and bushfire prevention
  • Tree assessments
  • Tree stump removal
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Powerline clearing
  • Wood chipping, mulching and firewood
  • Strata property maintenance
  • Emergencies

We know that getting your property taken care of properly is important to you, so we aim to exceed your expectations every time.  Before starting any work, we’ll give you a free quote for the estimated cost of the job (which you’re under no obligation to accept).  If you are happy to proceed, we’ll make sure we bring everything with us to your site that we’ll need.  Many sites can be difficult to access or be challenging to maneuver large machinery in, so we’ll make sure we can overcome all these issues before we begin.

For your convenience, we can combine two or more of our services together to help keep your property in good shape.  So call us now and talk to us about our tree removal services.

Sassafras’s Number 1 Stump Removal Service

Tree stumps can be a nuisance in a garden or if you’re trying to plan a landscaping project.  Generally we’re called on to provide stump removal services because:

  • A tree has recently been cut down, leaving the stump
  • A customer had bought a property with an existing tree stump on it, and they have plans to flatten and landscape the area
  • A customer has had a tree stump in their garden that is now old and diseased, or they suspect it is infested by termites and other problem pests

Our process for the removal of tree stumps begins with an examination of the stump, and we look at factors such as age and size, the surrounding area, soil conditions and the type of tree it was.  Once we’ve gathered all the relevant information, we can then decide on the most cost effective and efficient method for removal, as well as the cost of the job.

While the total removal of the stump and root system out of the ground is recommended, especially for trees with root systems that can regenerate, stump grinding is another popular way to level a stump down to the ground with minimal time and mess involved.   Our state of the art machinery and tools make tree stump removal easy, even on difficult to access or challenging sites.  We can even provide you with wood chips as mulch for the rest of your property from the debris of the tree stump once we’re finished.

If you’ve got a tree stump that’s causing a hazard, is unsightly or attracting pests on your property, call us today and let us help you get rid of it.

First Class Workmanship and Customer Care

We’re proud of our reputation for excellence, and our business is growing every day thanks to word of mouth recommendations from our existing customers all throughout the Melbourne region.  More customers choose us over our competitors because:

  • We offer first class workmanship at affordable prices
  • We work with home and business owners to provide complete coverage to all types of properties
  • Our range of services covers everything from hedge trimming and powerline clearing to tree assessments and bushfire prevention
  • We’re locally operated and owned, and we are covered by a $20M public liability insurance
  • Our staff are qualified and undergo regular industry training
  • We’re professional, polite and friendly

We’d love to talk to you about your specific requirements, so contact Stark Tree Services today.